BOSS私人公馆招聘 包厢预订招聘直接拨打电话【15601652153】安安咨询微信【anan94096】 BOSS私人公馆店内直招兼职 包厢预订招聘直接拨打电话【15601652153】安安咨询微信【anan94096】 我们这里不会限制你的形象 胆大放的开的女孩即可。只要你感觉自己没有问题 就联系我。 选择我们 没有错 来这里能赚到你想赚到。 1:年纪要求:16岁-24岁之间 学生类型身高158cm以上。模特类型166以上。 平台日结600-800-1000起步! 2:性别要求:女、形象美丽 性格开朗 思想开放。 3:学历要求:初中或以上学历。 4:薪酬待遇:薪酬日结算 包吃包住宿。 一年之内买车买房不再是问题 5:可当天安排住宿 当天上班 包厢预订招聘直接拨打电话【15601652153】安安咨询微信【anan94096】 BOSS private residence recruitment BOSS private residence in-store direct recruitment part-time We will not limit your image here bold girl can open. As soon as you feel you have no problem, contact me. There's nothing wrong with choosing us here to make the money you want. 1. Age requirement: students aged between 16 and 24 should be over 158cm in height. Model type above 166. Platform day end 600-800-1000 start! 2. Gender requirements: female, beautiful, open-minded and open-minded. Education requirements: junior high school or above. 4. Salary and remuneration: all meals and accommodation are included in the daily salary settlement. Buying a car or a house is no longer a problem within a year 5: you can arrange accommodation on the same day and work on the same day 包厢预订招聘直接拨打电话【15601652153】安安咨询微信【anan94096】